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Apple has not made any official announcement about the product known as the Apple 'iTablet' or 'MacBook Touch,' yet rumors have been floating around since 2007. According to, the tablet may run on one of three operating systems: the iPhone 3.1 OS (or a variation thereof), the Mac OS X 10 (or a variation), or a brand new OS (which may be a waste of time, so most are focused on the first two.) Many of the pictures that have been leaked show iTablets that are using an OS that appears to be from the OSX family. Out of those two, it’s more likely to run apps. Most rumors describe the table as a giant version of the iPod Touch or iPhone, meaning it should run apps on a big screen. It could even be the“iProd” found in the most recent iPhone OS configuration, though that’s more likely to be the new iPod Touch line. In addition to sifting through the various rumors to see if an actual apple tablet exists, a statement from Asus proves it to be true. "We're tempted to ignore all Apple rumours because there's just so many of them, but this rings true because Asus is Apple's contract manufacturer. It's one of the companies responsible for building the iBooks, PowerBooks and MacBooks of this world, so when their guys tell us they're building an Apple Tablet, we believe them."

A recent blog on gave new insight since the person actually sat in on an Apple meeting for the Tablet. Some of the big news is that there will be two versions of the Tablet, one with a webcam and more for pleasure and another for educational use. The latter is based on the idea that it may function as a secondary screen or touch pad for Macbooks and iMacs much like the USB screens that have been surfacing in Japan in recent months. The code name for the Tablet also still hasn't been released yet but most bloggers seem to think it may be "CrunchPad," though that hasn't been confirmed nor denied. Some say it may prove to be a rival to Amazon's kindle which would provide users the ability to read books. It has also been rumored to his the markets as early as February 2010.


  • May also be called MacBook Touch
  • 9.6 Inch Touchscreen made by the same manufacture as the iPhone and iPod touch
  • Priced between $700 and $900
  • Scheduled to launch in February
  • Able to play high definition video
  • Processor design by P.A. Semi.
  • Battery by DynaPack International Technology Corp.
  • HSDPA network for mobile connectivity.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Ability to download media through iTunes
  • As of right now will run on the AT&T networkM<>|
  • Links to your other Apple products


Little is known about the applications, but there are many speculations and rumors.
May run on the MAC OS Leaoprd, or on an extended version of the iPhone OS as reprogramming or rewriting a new operating system would be pointless.
Two versions confirmed at this point, subject to change.
Predicted to compete with Amazon's online bookstore.

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